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I live in New York City and I play, write, arrange, and produce music for myself and lots of other people. I spend quite a bit of time in Austin, Texas, and travel around the country with various groups. I've contributed performances, compositions, and arrangements to recordings by bands like Snarky Puppy, Okkervil River, Bill Laurance, Nelo, and many more. My band is Progger.
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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Progger, Knower, fall, winter, souped-up Civics

The last few months have felt like they've blitzed by like a souped-up Civic that isn't even street-legal any more. Freelance gigs, Progger travels, living life in New York, and working on new music has been a very enjoyable way to feel completely swamped. But I feel very grateful for all the beautiful human beings, musician or otherwise, who I've gotten to work with and otherwise spend time with over the summer. I'm looking forward to taking a couple weeks to relax here in New York as well as in the Northwest with my family, and I'll hopefully be cranking out some new ideas for musical projects that will be taking shape over the next few months.

After the earthshakingly epic shenanigans with the Funky Knuckles in July and August, it was a serious pleasure to get to do a show with one of my favorite saxophonists, writers, and overall musicians on the scene right now, Troy Roberts. His group is fantastic, his albums are fantastic, and holy crap can he play his instrument. I very much hope we get to do more of those!

My good buddies from Austin, Mente Clara, came up for a few shows, and it was great to reunite with those rascals as well. Plus I got to play at Owen Summers' high school. Witnessing the origins of such a mastodon-like presence on the Austin music scene was a blessing indeed. Also, Poughkeepsie is a trip of a town.

There's some very exciting Progger activity coming up soon! Next is a show that I'm insanely excited about: we're playing with one of my favorite bands on earth, Knower, at One2One on November 1. That will serve as a prelude to a super-sweet December of lots of shows in Texas and the South. Here's everything coming up for my public shows:


November 1, 2014: Progger and Knower at One2One, Austin, TX
November 5, 2014: Progger (north) at Shrine, Harlem, New York, NY
December 5, 2014: Progger at FlattFest, Austin, TX
December 9, 2014: Progger at RBC, Dallas, TX
December 10, 2014: Progger residency at One2One, Austin, TX
December 17, 2014: Progger residency at One2One, Austin, TX
December 31, 2014: Progger residency at One2One, Austin, TX

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New hood, updated tour dates, all that

Typing in "Earth, Wind, and Fire" and hitting "shuffle" is a really good idea, particularly on a day when it's raining and thundering like crazy and I'm stuck inside bombarding people with emails on my quest to get as much publicity about the Progger, Funky Knuckles, Indie Revenge tour as possible! Since my last post there have been some pretty monumental changes in the life of Brian, including a new apartment in a new neighborhood, a crazy busy schedule, and juggling a million different playing/booking/publicizing jobs in order to float my crazy, illogical habit of making music full time. 

Brooklyn was so very good to me for my first almost-year in New York City. Northeast Flatbush might not be the safest or most glamorous neighborhood, but it was exactly what I needed when I needed it. Thanks to my celebrity roommate I was able to make incredibly cool new friends from around the globe, and that awesome apartment was my gateway to finally moving up north. 

But Harlem is a fantastic neighborhood. The neighborhoods are beautiful, the people are friendly, there's great coffee, the trains are amazing, and I can walk to everything I need. I'm really enjoying getting to know it.

Of course, most of my energy is going into preparing for this whirlwind tour from Texas to New York via the Southeast. I'm really grateful at how well everything has come together, and it will be very gratifying and inspiring to share the stage and the travels with Dallas' Funky Knuckles and Atlanta's  Indie Revenge, two really fantastic bands that represent the best things about the music of their respective cities. We'll also be doing our first show in Albany, NY in just two days with a really cool duo from upstate, Welcher/Urvalek. The venue, Red Square, has a really great vibe and Abita beer on tap, which is always a plus! Here are all the dates:

Progger and Welcher/Urvalek
July 17: Albany, NY (Red Square)
Progger and the Funky Knuckles
July 28: Dallas, TX (the Free Man)
July 29: Austin, TX (One2One)
July 30: New Orleans, LA (Blue Nile)
July 31: Hattiesburg, MS (the Thirsty Hippo)
Progger, the Funky Knuckles, and the Indie Revenge
August 1: Atlanta, GA (529)
August 2: Asheville, NC (the One Stop)
August 3: Athens, GA (Hendershot’s)
August 5: Raleigh, NC (Pour House Music Hall)
August 6: New York, NY (Rockwood Music Hall)
August 7: Philadelphia, PA (the Grape Room)

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Brian's positive note of the day. And summer tour dates!

I'm in the middle of the laborious but rewarding process of booking shows for Progger's summer string of album release shows and it's gotten me thinking about the extremities of the music business. As musicians-- and this applies to all artists, regardless of medium-- we encounter a lot of obstacles blocking our goals, and overcoming them requires tremendous energy and creativity. Finances are usually the most obvious and intimidating problems, and they don't go away easily, particularly if you're trying to get an exciting new project off the ground. As scarce as money is in the arts, what makes matters even more challenging is the profusion of negativity among artists and musicians themselves. Our communities can get horribly caught up in competition, trash-talking, infighting, and other sorts of destructive nonsense that make goals that are already challenging even tougher to realize, needlessly.

But as I'm sitting down to go over dates and plan a string of summer shows with two great bands-- The Funky Knuckles and The Indie Revenge-- I'm reminded that there are musicians and audiences out there who bring enough brilliance, positivity, and love to our world that it makes up for the nonsense. As heavy as the obstacles can feel at times, there does exist a force of creative humanity that has more passion than the obstacles can block. We owe our favorite music to this energy, from Bach and Mozart to the Beatles, Miles Davis, Parliament/Funkadelic, and D'Angelo, and there are audiences out there who are thirsting just as passionately for new beauty. As apathetic as so much of our world can seem sometimes, the beautiful people who hunger for and aim to help this new art and music find its footing are not to be taken for granted. My friends who are helping to make these shows happen, from Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Georgia to Washington DC, Philly, and New York, I appreciate you very much, and you're a huge part of what makes life good. Life is good, indeed.

So here are the shows in the works so far!

Summer 2014
May 10: Progger at Rockwood Music Hall stage 2, New York, NY
May 28: Progger at the Grape Room, Philadelphia, PA
July 28: Progger and the Funky Knuckles at the Free Man, Dallas, TX
July 29: Progger and the Funky Knuckles at One2One, Austin, TX
July 30: Progger and the Funky Knuckles at Gasa Gasa, New Orleans, LA
July 31: Progger and the Funky Knuckles at the Thirsty Hippo, Hattiesburg, MS
August 1: Progger, the Indie Revenge, and the Funky Knuckles at 529, Atlanta, GA
August 2: Progger, the Indie Revenge, and the Funky Knuckles in Athens, GA (tbd)
August 3: Progger, the Indie Revenge, and the Funky Knuckles in Nashville, TN (tbd)
August 4: Progger, the Indie Revenge, and the Funky Knuckles in Asheville, NC (tbd)
August 5: Progger, the Indie Revenge, and the Funky Knuckles at the Pour House, Roanoke, VA
August 6: Progger, the Indie Revenge, and the Funky Knuckles in New York (tbd)
August 7: Progger, the Indie Revenge, and the Funky Knuckles in Washington DC (tbd)