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I live in New York City and I play, write, arrange, and produce music for myself and lots of other people. I spend quite a bit of time in Austin, Texas, and travel around the country with various groups. I've contributed performances, compositions, and arrangements to recordings by bands like Snarky Puppy, Okkervil River, Bill Laurance, Nelo, and many more. My band is Progger.
For booking, lessons (in person or via Skype), or questions, send an email to proggermusic@gmail.com.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

May has come and gone like a sweaty, 95-degree tornado of outside gigs and not enough deodorant. June is looking to be even more busy, and, of course, much sweatier. My pale, burn-ready hide is planning on staying inside during peak sunlight hours unless there's a really good reason not to.

Those reasons will probably be related to either Nelo or Progress, since there's some exciting stuff happening this month for both bands. This weekend Nelo will be traversing the vastness of Interstate 20 to Alabama, where we'll be doing a show with Robert Randolph and the Family Band. I'm pretty excited about that, since Robert's been at the center of a really cool scene that I've been into since high school, not to mention the fact that his band (and he himself) will play great. Nelo is also going into Pedernales Studio the following week to finish our third record, which will be, in my opinion, far and away the best so far! It should be out in the fall.

Progress will be heading into Pedernales the week after that for our very first studio recording, and, since Progress is my creative baby, anxious to get started. We have one show left before we go in, and that's on June 13 at Sahara Lounge, so please come support the band if you can! We had a great time last Friday at Swan Dive, where we had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of an awesome band by the name of Alien Knife Fight. Whoever you are, dear reader, you need to check that band out, especially if you like anything remotely resembling Morphine, the White Stripes, or Ween. (Not sure what Monique will think about my Ween comparison, but I stand by it.)

6/9: Nelo with Robert Randolph, Alexander, AL
6/13: Progress with Mente Clara and Zafra at Sahara Lounge, Austin, TX
614: Nelo at Uncle Billy's on Lake Travis with Fastball, Austin, TX
6/20: Monster Big Band at the Elephant Room, Austin, TX
6/21: Nelo with Bob Schneider at Antone's, Austin, TX
6/22: Nelo at the House of Blues, Dallas, TX
6/23: Nelo at the Rattle Inn, Austin, TX
6/29: Nelo at Schotzi's, College Station, TX
6/30: Nelo acoustic at the Iguana Grill, Austin, TX
7/27: Progress at Skinny's Ballroom, Austin, TX