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I live in New York City and I play, write, arrange, and produce music for myself and lots of other people. I spend quite a bit of time in Austin, Texas, and travel around the country with various groups. I've contributed performances, compositions, and arrangements to recordings by bands like Snarky Puppy, Okkervil River, Bill Laurance, Nelo, and many more. My band is Progger.
For booking, lessons (in person or via Skype), or questions, send an email to proggermusic@gmail.com.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Human-friendly Austin temperatures, good music

It's 4:45-ish in the afternoon, I'm sitting outside a coffee shop in Austin, and I can't believe I'm about to type this: I'm almost a little cold. This is awesome. This may be the most glorious weekend in the short history of my Austin residency. Upper 60s (low 20s for you Metric lovers) and a cool breeze-- it feels like I'm back in Seattle, I can almost smell the ocean.

I get a little confused when people complain about rain here. I haven't heard it as much since last year's terrifying, record-breaking drought, but I sometimes still hear people refer to days like today as "crappy." When it rains in Austin, I find it to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. My neighborhood becomes green and lush, Barton Creek flows healthily, and the birds and turtles in Town Lake dance around happily. Combine all this with the fact that healthy amounts of rain keep us from experiencing catastrophic wildfires, and I'll take many more of these days, please.

The first half of September was very eventful and enjoyable. The Northwest trip with Nelo was beautiful and all too brief. The Progress shows at Club DeVille have been going great, and we're looking forward to the next two Wednesdays very much. Things are really starting to come together, and we're just about ready to make some seriously heavy studio tracks.

I'm also very excited to join my old homeys in Snarky Puppy for a handfull of Texas shows. Don't miss this business.

9/15: Snarky Puppy at Gypsy Lounge, Austin, TX
9/16: Snarky Puppy at the Prophet Bar, Dallas, TX
9/17: Snarky Puppy at Dan's Silverleaf, Denton, TX
9/18: Snarky Puppy at Dan's Silverleaf, Denton, TX
9/19: Progress at Club DeVille, Austin, TX
9/26: Progress at Club DeVille, Austin, TX
9/28: Nelo with Reed Turner at Stubb's, Austin, TX
9/29: Nelo with Bob Schneider at Uncle Billy's on Lake Travis, Austin, TX
10/6: Nelo at Raider Gate, Lubbock, TX
10/11: Dave Sierra at the Elephant Room, Austin, TX
10/12: Nelo at the Rattle Inn, Austin, TX