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I live in New York City and I play, write, arrange, and produce music for myself and lots of other people. I spend quite a bit of time in Austin, Texas, and travel around the country with various groups. I've contributed performances, compositions, and arrangements to recordings by bands like Snarky Puppy, Okkervil River, Bill Laurance, Nelo, and many more. My band is Progger.
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Monday, December 31, 2012

Reflection, like you're doing tonight also

As I sit here writing this, I am not headed to a New Year's Eve gig. I decided to take New Year's off and spend it with my family, which hasn't happened in a few years. Ironically, my dad, the engineer, just left for a New Year's Eve gig. He agreed to it because he wanted a chance to dust off his fiddle chops, but then their bassist bailed and he had to take over on bass. My mother, meanwhile, is juicing leafy green vegetables in the kitchen. My parents are pretty badass.

I'm very glad I was able to take the luxury of a longer-than-usual visit to the Northwest this year, and I must confess that this has been the best year I've had in quite a long time. Tonight's the night that we all like to reflect on what's happened over the last three-hundred-sixty-some days, even though the numbers that we assign to dates, years, and the turning-over of the years seem pretty arbitrary to me. (Solstices and equinoxes make sense, don't get me wrong, but I don't get why our calendar dates don't line up with them as precise dividing points of the year and... never mind.)

So here I am, typing on my gigging father's laptop, feeling grateful for having the best family in the world and for the great community of friends I have in Austin. My brothers and sisters in Progress, Nelo, Snarky Puppy, and the whole music communities of Texas and New York have inspired and challenged me all year. My faith in humanity has been bolstered after getting to know not one, but two music venues in Austin that are owned and/or operated by positive, ethical, genuine people who love music, and it's sad how infrequently you encounter those in the music business. Thank you for giving me a place to play my music and the music of those I love and respect.

At any rate, I have a few public shows in January, most of which are thanks to One2One Bar for giving Progress a whole bunch of dates. That venue is amazing, and deserves your support, as do the Funky Knuckles and Dahebegebees, who will be doing a show together on the 19th of the month. Music like the Funky Knuckles doesn't come through Austin often, so I'm hoping the word spreads about this one. They're incredible.

1/9/13: David Sierra Quintet at the Elephant Room, Austin, TX (9:30pm)
1/10/13: Progress and Dahebegebees at One2One, Austin, TX (9:00pm)
1/19/13: the Funky Knuckles, Dahebegebees, and Progress at One2One, Austin, TX (9:00pm)
1/24/13: Progress and Dahebegebees at One2One, Austin, TX (9:00pm)
1/31/13: Progress and Dahebegebees at One2One, Austin, TX (9:00pm)