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I live in New York City and I play, write, arrange, and produce music for myself and lots of other people. I spend quite a bit of time in Austin, Texas, and travel around the country with various groups. I've contributed performances, compositions, and arrangements to recordings by bands like Snarky Puppy, Okkervil River, Bill Laurance, Nelo, and many more. My band is Progger.
For booking, lessons (in person or via Skype), or questions, send an email to proggermusic@gmail.com.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Progress record out 2-12-13!

I'm really excited. Here's why.

Progress has a record: it was recorded in two days, mixed in two months, mastered by a real master master-er, and it's being shipped to me right now. But what's even better is how cool Bandcamp is. I'm completely nerding out (no surprise to those who know me) over how easy it is to make our page look and sound really cool, and it's definitely going to be the place I'm going to recommend getting our album, if you're just going to go digital. If you want a physical CD copy, a show or CD Baby will be the way to go.

The official release date, by the way, will be February 12, 2013, but you can listen to the title track, Beatmaker, right now, and if you pre-order the album on Bandcamp, you'll get to download it in any format you want (MP3 or high-res WAV, FLAC, AIFF). So if you're curious what THIS sounds like...

...you'll be able to find out right away.

Nelo has a new record coming up, too, and we'll be playing a bunch of shows in February and March throughout Texas. We've also made a pretty cool track for a tribute to Lowell George of Little Feat, a compilation that will feature big names from improvisational rock like Blues Traveler and Derek Trucks. More on that as it gets finished up, but it's going to be pretty awesome.

1/31/13: Progress and Dahebegebees at One2One, Austin, TX, 9pm
2/2/13: Progress at Club DeVille, Austin, TX, midnight
2/14/13: Progress CD Release Party at One2One! Austin, TX, 9pm
2/28/13: Nelo at the Aardvark, Fort Worth, TX
3/1/13: Nelo at the Rattle Inn, Austin, TX