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I live in New York City and I play, write, arrange, and produce music for myself and lots of other people. I spend quite a bit of time in Austin, Texas, and travel around the country with various groups. I've contributed performances, compositions, and arrangements to recordings by bands like Snarky Puppy, Okkervil River, Bill Laurance, Nelo, and many more. My band is Progger.
For booking, lessons (in person or via Skype), or questions, send an email to proggermusic@gmail.com.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Insufficient updates for an extremely busy year

I'm gonna update more than once a year. I promise. For real. And a lot's happened since my last post on this website that I stubbornly insist on refusing to upgrade. It gets the job done. See all the slick embedded media players? What else do I really need? Multiple pages? Calendars? Actual functionality? Sure, those would help. But that's what the Progger site is for. Right?

Regardless, here's some stuff that's happened:

We made a bunch of videos for tracks from the third Progger album, "Scattering," which the amazing label Ropeadope Records graciously agreed to help us release. They're all at our YouTube channel, and so are a bunch of demo videos for some sweet EarthQuaker Devices pedals.


We went on some tours and made new friends in Colorado, New Mexico, Quebec, Ontario, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, New York, Texas, Tennessee.... we got around a bit over the past year.

Some of us played some Progger jams and some other funk and soul tunes for a cool crowd of people in Anaheim, California, as part of the NAMM Bass Bash festivities. Bryan Ladd led the group most capably, and he, Carter Arrington, Bob Lanzetti, Nick Semrad, Jason Patterson, and Biscuit Rouse played the hell out of everything. It was fun.

We, like, recorded another album. It's in post-production for the next few months and then we'll start putting videos out. The whole thing will be available through Ropeadope Records early next spring.

As I type this, I'm sitting in a coffee shop in lower Manhattan around the corner from the legendary Rockwood Music Hall, where the NYC Progger squad will be playing as part of a pretty all-star lineup of homeys: Maz, Ryan Scott, Progger, and Bob Lanzetti.

I met Maz and Bob seventeen years ago and we still get to play music together. That's weird and awesome.

Lots more sweet Progger activities will be happening this year before the new music starts getting cranked out, so follow us on your social media platform of choice (@proggermusic all over the place) or, even better, sign up for the email list.

With luck I'll be offering some more thoughtful updates and ideas on this site in the near future, but no promises. :-)